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Faudi is Specialized in filtration and cleaning of commercial and military aviation fuels

The FAUDI company was founded in 1938 by Fritz Faudi and has been continuously involved in the filtration and separation of industrial liquids, gases and aviation fuels.

With nearly 80 years of experience and modern production methods, FAUDI Aviation offers highly efficient and cost effective solutions to a range of filtration and separation problems. 

FAUDI Aviation also benefits from having the largest, most modern Aviation Fuel Test Rig of its kind, enabling continued product development and  dynamic testing under controlled conditions of filter elements and systems designed to meet our customers needs.





Coalescer Elements

Coalescer Elements were used in 1. stages of filter water separators. Their main function is coalesing of small water droplets to big droplets. These big water droplets are drop to the watersump of the filter water separator because  higher weights. Furthermore they holding back particles like sand, rust and other soiling.


Separator Elements

Separator elements are used in the 2nd stage of a filter water separator. Because the different surface tensions of Kerosine and water the surface of the separator element let pass the fuel but holding back the water droplets which could not sunk to the water sump of the vessel. Those small water droplets collect on the surface of the element and sink to water sump too.


Microfilter Elements

Usually microfilter were use as prefilter in front of filter water separators. Their function is to filter contaminations like sand, rust, etc from fuel. Correct planned they can extend the life time of the coalescer elements of 1st stage of filter water separator significant.


Filter Monitor Elements


 For removing water and solids from aviation fuels. Filter monitor vessels are fitted with monitor elements and used on aircraft refueling vehicles, hydrant dispenser and other mobile fuelling equipment. 



Filter Water Separators


For stationary installations at refineries, fuel storages, marine depots, as well as tank farms. Filter water separators are designed and built in accordance with the strict engineering guidelines and pressure vessel regulation.


Micro Filter


Micro filters are used wherever there is a demand for high quality, economic and reliable filtration. They are designed to continuously remove fine particles such as rust, dirt, sand and pipe scale from Aviation Fuel systems. These highly efficient Micro Filters are used at refineries, bulk fuel depots, transfer stations and airports predominantly prior to Filter Water Separators to protect and prolong Coalescer element life.


Filter Monitors



 Aviation Filter Monitors are simple compact units which can easily be installed and serviced. They are developed in particular for mobile fuelling installation. The interlock system is an additional safety device designed to prevent closure of the cover should the full amount of monitor elements not be fitted. The interlock prevents unfiltered fuel being delivered if an element is missing. 


Clay Filter



 The main function of a clay filter is to remove unwanted surface active surfactants, colouring and other additives which may be present from the refining process or during transportation of Jet Fuel. These unwanted surfactants can accumulate in the coalescer elements of a filter water separator and reduce their water removal efficiency. Therefore such clay filter vessels are normally installed in front of a filter water separator vessel. To enable optimum performance of the absorption process of the Attapulgas Clay, the recommended flow rate per element is 25l/min.




AFGAURD Sensor for detection of free water



The FAUDI Aviation AFGUARD is a measurement system, which supervises the quality of Jet Fuels. The AFGUARD is recommended for insitu measurement of particulate matter in Jet Fuel like free water. The AFGUARD is a scattered light sensor and is designed to provide inline control solution for a variety of processes. Functionality: A precisely defined, constant light beam penetrates the process medium. Scatterd light from particles (undissolves liquids like free water or gas bubbles) in the medium is detected by photo diodes. It is also possible to determine a water slug in Jet fuel.





The SLUGGARD is the best way to differentiate media with just one sensor to be installed in water sumps, drain-pipes, filter heads or wherever a clear indication about the actual water situation is required. Connected to a control system enables the user to easily configure automated drainage of vessels according to JIG requirements. 





DPGUARD is a fully automated touch screen operated calculator to give out the corrected differential pressure across the filter elements in mobile or fixed filter vessels being operated at less than maximum rated flow. It automatically calculates the condition of the filter elements inside the vessel using the signal inputs of flow rate and differential pressure across the elements. It monitors the changing condition of the elements and provides a history, so that the element change times can be anticipated and abnormal conditions could be detected. 


Calculation and Correlation of the differential pressure






The dp-SWITCH will stop refuelling on reaching the maximal allowed differential pressure. They adapt to all refuelling vehicles anywhere across the globe independent of manufactures, year of construction or dp gauge manufacturer. They could easily be retrofitted by your own or by the use of our worldwide service support.



Differential pressure for aviation fuel filters