• Consultancy for major Civil Aviation Authority in South-East Asia on “Safety Oversight of Aviation Fuel at Civil Aerodromes”
  • Project manage new fuelling operation at an international Airport in South America
  • Technical Partner providing complete technical support to Aviation Fuel Companies spread across 3 continents worldwide
  • Fuel Price Risk Management: Develop optimal hedging strategy, execute transactions and manage exposure for customer airlines
  • Review of Aviation Fuel Marketing Strategy for a major Oil Company in Asia considering international expansion
  • Aerospace Consultant: Fuel Efficiency Gap Analysis and implementation of Fuel Efficiency Management Program for a major international Airline
  • Feasibility Study for a company starting up an aviation fuelling operation
  • Marketing and sales support for several aviation fuelling companies
  • IATA Instructor for Fuel Management courses: Aviation Fuel Management, Price Risk Management and Emissions Verifier Courses
  • ICAO - Aviation Fuel Safety Expert for new Airports

Past Projects

  • IATA – Emissions calculation and forecasting for a major international Airport considering expansion
  • Fuel Training and Certification for oil companies in Vietnam, Guyana, Bulgaria, Singapore, Haiti, Indonesia, Geneva, Nigeria, Benin, Angola and Russia,
  • UN - Development of fuel procedures manual for management of petroleum, oils and lubricants in Peace-Keeping missions
  • ICAO: Conducted aviation fuel safety review at several new airports
  • Fuel Manuals: Developed aviation fuel manuals for tank farm and into-plane operators
  • Fuel Manuals: Developed aviation fuel manuals for commercial airlines
  • IATA - Subject matter expert on Fuel Freezing Point Harmonisation Project
  • IATA - Consultant for IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO)
  • UN - Fuel pricing, invoicing discrepancies and dispute resolution
  • UN – Training and Certification of UN staff in Aviation Fuel Quality Surveillance
  • Develop aviation fuel quality and drumming storage manuals for a Canadian corporation
  • Staff training of an international airline on detail fuel tendering process
  • IATA – Technical Writer for Fuel Filter Monitor Study Project
  • Research in Jet Fuel Specification for U.S National Petroleum Refinery Association (NPRA)
  • Research in the Into-Plane Fuel market at a major international Airport in South East Asia