Ravin J. Appadoo

Shamim Pirmoradi

Shamim Pirmoradi is an IT professional with 10 years of experience in the industry. He attended University of Sherbrooke, Canada in Computer Science. Was responsible to implement and support IT solutions for clients across Canada. IT solutions ranged from software, hardware, network and intelligent video surveillance. Main clients where in the retail and banking industry.

One project was the deployment and support of an intelligent video surveillance system across 750 sites spread in 5 different Canadian province. The surveillance system linked the transaction from cash registers to the video footage. All the video footage and transaction information was available locally in each site and remotely in one centralized location for monitoring. Another project was the network deployment and support for a Canadian bank in all their Québec locations.

Shamim also worked on several projects in the Middle East to help secure international airports and border crossings using facial recognition and object tracking.  Object tracking was used to track airplanes and ground support vehicles and automatically alert in case of a possible collision.

A recent project using high resolution camera’s and our intelligent video monitoring system to automatically quality check aeronautical carbon fiber parts to accelerate the manufacturing of new airplanes.