Aviation Fuel Solutions International (AFSI)

Aviation Fuel Solutions International is incorporated in Canada with its head office located in London, Ontario. AFSI specializes in all aspects of aviation fuel, providing consulting, training and audit services to customers worldwide. The company leverages a unique web of leading aviation fuel experts and strategic partners to offer the industry a comprehensive set of solutions. Customers include such international organizations as IATA, ICAO and the UN, as well as oil companies, airlines and airports worldwide.


AFSI recognizes that fuel is more than just a commodity for the aviation industry – oil is a strategic resource. The effective management of oil is pivotal in the success of a company. Its many dimensions, including economics, safety and the environment, require a multifaceted approach from those who manage the fuel portfolio, with new strategies and a different set of skills.


The principals at AFSI combine more than 55 years of experience in the management of aviation fuel. Our fuel specialists come from both the supplier and end-user sides of the industry. Their hands-on experience provides them with an ideal understanding of the workings of the airline business and the dynamics of the jet fuel market. Combined with international exposure through associations with such standard-setting bodies as ICAO, IATA, JIG and ASTM provide AFSI with a unique perspective on the aviation fuel industry.

AFSI 360° Commercial Fuel Management Support is a unique concept and offering in the industry that enables operators to secure the most competitive pricing while ensuring supply integrity. This holistic approach not only leverages technology and automation, but explores opportunities for savings as far upstream in the supply chain as feasible.


AFSI has also pioneered the 360° Aviation Fuel Technical Support concept providing aviation fuel suppliers and into-plane fuelling companies with comprehensive technical support, from design and engineering through to operations and maintenance of tank farms and airport fuel facilities.




AFSI is committed to any project undertaken with confidentiality, understanding of customers’ requirements, quality of work, on-time delivery and full project management support.